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The Top 5 Hoverboards Under $500

black hoverboard

The intense research carried out on technology has yielded advancements both locally and internationally. The introduction of hover boards to the modern society has significantly improved mobility as well as creating employment for thousands of people. This self-balancing scooter uses gyro sensor combined with dual hub motors providing a safe and smooth ride. It is a concept that is considerably adopted on different platforms. The quality and variety of a hover board is mainly dependent on how much you have regarding money. There are, therefore, several categories of this equipment with specific pricing policy. You can comfortably get a hover board with only less than $500, products available at this price include,

1. Swagway X1

It is an excellent product that offers excellent performance when it comes to self-balancing. It has a maximum speed of 10 Mph with about 5 hours of battery life after charging it for one hour. The product is suitable for beginners because it comprises a Starter mode to limit max speed for you to learn comfortably. The Swagway variety offers additional built-in safety features, for example,the features for notification. The device will automatically shake on putting only one foot notifying that it cannot proceed in this manner thus preventing misuse.

2. Powerboard by Hoverboard

This is another reliable product with almost all the functionalities you would like on a Hoverboard. Principal models are manufactured in various colors like red, blue White, Black and they are designed with LED lights for indicating motion and change of direction for your safety. The Powerboard has an on-board battery level indicator to warn you when approaching the maximum battery life. Also, the model has a highest speed of 8 Mph but has no beginner mode. The wheels offer a good grip and can also do well on rugged terrain.

3. Razor Hovertrax

This device is produced from a shatter frame mainly available in blue or red, with quality plastics as compared to other models. It has 6 Mphas the maximum speed with a battery with the capability to last for 115 minutes. This equipment also has additional important safety features such as off- balance notification. With this model, you will experience an aggressive braking system meaning that you have to be extra careful when riding on this type of Hoverboard. The device has a vibration sound when one attempt to step on it while it’s not balanced or on a reasonably steep ground. You can see a great Razor Hovertrax Review on Hoverboard Electric’s website.

4. HoverTech Self-Balancing Scooter

The hover Tech model is almost similar to other varieties, but it has a relatively lower price on the market. This device has 10 Mph as the maximum speed.The variety has a manufacturer guarantee for one year coveringparts replacement . It has a6 hours maximum battery life, and it is fitted with LED lights. The model is also fully equipped with additional safety features.

5.Exooter M1150 Two wheel self-balancing Electric Scooter

This quality product is produced to meet your needs at a lower price. It has 3-GYRO Accelerometers to help maintain balance. The model has a maximum load of 260 pounds and has a highest speed of 10 Mph. The device has one-year warranty that covers the replacement parts of the motor, control board and battery.

Hoverboards are exciting devices made to provide you with a great riding experience.