Computer Can Be A Good Teacher

Can computer be a way to learn things? Sure it can. Is going to be the answer given by most of the people when they are asked the question “Can computer be a way to learn things? But in most cases “I can’t say” would be the answer if the question is “how do I do that?”  So in few words there are some tips that will be given to you which might help.

1. Communicate with your computer
It is true that normal people uses only about 35% of the features that the computer has to offer. People with computer knowledge read the online books, listen to training programs & podcasts using computer to learn things they want to learn. Podcast is a sound file that are available free of cost.

2. Find a mentor if you need
Video tutorials are far more effective when it comes to learning. Video tutorials do not only describe things that should be done to learn things but also show how to learn them. So the out come of using video tutorials are more likely to be perfect.

3 YouTube might be a friend who can be as educative as funny
You tube has an image to be the perfect place for the fun loving people but it is equally educative if you want it to be. The video rich popular site contains lots of tutorials that can help you to learn things that you want to learn.

4. Use YouTube to share
Every individual has his own quality & philosophy different from others. So if all of us can be thoughtful & share their experiences through you tube it might solve the problems of some other people & vice versa

5. Create your own instructional videos.
A normal video camera that is worth $150 can help you share your experiences that you think might help some people to learn something good.& last but not the list you get to exhibit the talent you have

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